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Welcome to Quintara Biosciences!

Quintarabio provides high quality DNA sequencing data to support the progression of your research. Our team is comprised of experienced members with extensive technical knowledge. In order to optimize your results, our services are tailored specifically to your needs. The purpose of our company is to provide the best service to our customers while ensuring both quality and convenience.

Q-Block Gene Fragment

Quintara Bio is pleased to offer new gene fragment synthesis service, Q-Block, at 10¢/bp regardless of the fragment length. Learn More

DNA Sequencing

Quintara Bio provides the highest quality DNA sequencing services, tailored to meet your research needs. Learn More

NGS Services

We provide reliable and fast NGS services for whole genome, exome, transcriptome (RNA) and specific panel sequencing. Learn More

Oligo Synthesis

Customized oligos, up to 150 bases, are now available from QuintaraBio. Order Oligo . Learn More

Ab Sequencing

Quintara Bio offers a fast and reliable antibody cDNA sequencing. Learn More

Plasmid Maxiprep

Quintara Bio provides large scale transfection grade plasmid DNA, in various quantity packages within 2-3 days. Learn More