Quintara Biosciences

Primer Walking

We provide Primer Walking service to assist researchers to sequence an entire plasmid or a large portion of DNA greater than 1kb, which is too long for a single read with Sanger sequencing.

Our procedure works by dividing the long sequence into several consecutive short ones, with the designated sequencing oligos targeting respective ends of the fragments, the whole plasmid will be sequenced at multiple sites simultaneously and the sequencing data of individual segments will be sent back to the customer within 3-5 days.

At the cost of $0.10/bp, we will analyze the sequencing data and connect the overlapping ends of each fragment to deliver a complete plasmid DNA sequence.

If most of the sequence of the DNA strand is unknown, using the sequence of a known starting point, our Plasmid De Novo Sequencing ($1,200 per plasmid less than 7 kb) will take 3-5 weeks to sequencing consecutive ~500 bp fragment one at a time with our primer design based on each round of sequencing data, a process that is repeated as many times as needed to provide a long and accurate read.