Overnight Oligo Synthesis

Flexible Scales: 3 nmol, 5 nmol, 25 nmol or higher

Hand Mixed Ambiguous Bases

Need to move your research forward ever faster?

Quintara oligo synthesis services are quick and affordable.

We know how important it is to keep your research moving forward. That’s why we offer oligo synthesis that spans your entire workflow – delivering results you can trust quickly and affordably – whether you need sequencing primers or whole genes from 25 nmoles up to 10 µmoles. We even go the extra mile by purifying at no additional charge. We also provide site-directed mutagenesis with codon optimization or vector modification. Plus, we offer free pooled oligo libraries configured to your exact specifications. And with local pickup, we’re able to turn your synthesis around fast, not to mention online tracking, so you can see exactly what stage it’s at 24/7.

Fast Turnaround

Flexible Scales

Free oligo library pooling


  • 3 nmol to 100 nmol synthesis scales
  • Up to 200 mers
  • Oligos shipped in tubes, 96-well, or 384-well plates
  • Free local delivery
  • Low error rate, without well-to-well contamination
  • Standard IUPAC degenerate base codes
  • Free oligo library pooling configured to your exact specifications
Name Scale Item Price Turnaround
HPLC Purification Oligo100 HPLC $ 69.00 3-5 days
NucleotideMix Oligo100 Mixed-dNTP $ 70.00 3-5 days
Oligo at 100nmol scale Oligo100 Oligo100 $ 0.90 3-5 days
Oligo For Sequencing Oligo25 Oligo25, sequencing $ 5.00 1-2 days
Oligo25 151-200 mer Oligo25 Oligo25, 151-200 nt $ 0.50 3-5 days
Oligo25 61-90 nt Oligo25 Oligo25, 61-90 nt $ 0.35 1-2 days
Oligo25 91-150 mer Oligo25 Oligo25, 91-150 nt $ 0.40 2-3 days
Oligo25 <=60 nt Oligo25 Oligo25, <=60 nt $ 0.30 1-2 days
PAGE Purification Oligo100 PAGE $ 59.00 3-5 days
Plate Oligo 61-90 nt Oligo25 Plate Oligo 61-90 nt $ 0.25 2-3 days
Plate Oligo <= 60 nt Oligo25 Plate Oligo <= 60 nt $ 0.16 2-3 days


Oligos are synthesized daily with 2-3 business days turnaround

*Actual time might vary depend on the oligo length


We provide local free delivery to drop-box in MA
UPS shipping in CA, CO, CT, MD, and NJ.
Email oligo@quintarabio.com for more information.

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