Custom Oligo Synthesis

Custom Oligo Synthesis


Oligos are synthesized on Dr. Oligo 192, followed by deprotection and desalting, and normalization to 50uM concentration for shipping

Available scales

We provide 25 nmol or 100 nmol scale synthesis. For larger scale, please contact us at 1-650-763-1033 or

Cut off time: 5 pm (EDT), Monday-Friday. The Oligo will be sent out two days later. Detail information please see “Price and Turnaround”

Price and Turnaround

Catalog Item Price Description
GS-1920003F Gene Synthesis 0.39 Gene Synthesis
1700021 Oligo at 100nmol scale 0.90 Oligo at 100nmol scale
GS-1920003E Oligo For Sequencing 5.00 Oligo for in-house sequencing
GS-1920003D Oligo25 151-200 mer 0.50 151-200 mer, 25 nmol
GS-1920003B Oligo25 61-90 nt 0.35 61-90 mer, 25 nmol
GS-1920003C Oligo25 91-150 mer 0.40 91-150 mer, 25 nmol
GS-1920003A Oligo25 <=60 nt 0.30 Oligo up to 60 mer, 25 nmole
Plate Oligo 61-90 nt 0.25 Plate Oligo 61-90 nt
Plate Oligo <= 60 nt 0.16 Plate Oligo <= 60 nt


2 - 3 days

Quality Control

PAGE, mass spectrometry and Sanger sequencing are used to measure oligo quality.

Our oligos from 20 mer to 60 mer have higher purity than the same oligos ordered from other vendors. Please see the mass spectra below.

QuintaraBio 200 mer oligo, has outstanding quality on Sanger sequencing trace

We have successfully used our in-house oligos in more than 1,000,000 PCR and Sanger sequencing reactions and more than 600 Q-block synthesis