Single CellSequencing Service

Single-cell sequencing is a new technology for amplifying and sequencing the DNA/RNA at single cell level.At Quintara Bio, we are dedicated to offering 10X Chromium high-quality singlecell 3’ RNA sequencing, singlecell V(D)J sequencing, single cell CNV sequencing and singlecell ATAC sequencing.

Cell populations are rarely homogeneous and synchronized in their characteristics. Singlecell RNA sequencing aims to uncover the transcriptome diversity in heterogeneous samples. The 10X Chromiumplatform we utilize makes the transcriptional profiling of tens of thousands of individual cells cost-effective and easy to interpret.


  • Individual cells heterogeneity resolution
  • Genesexpression in subpopulations of cells
  • High quality data
  • Multiplexing flexibility
  • Full bioinformatics support


  • Profiling scarce clinical samples
  • Intra-tumor heterogeneity study
  • Immune repertoire analysis
  • Cancer cells evolution analysis
  • Cell-specific regulatory profiling
  • Chromatin accessibility analysis


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