Gene Fragment Service - Q-Block

Quintarabio's Q-Block Gene Fragment Service:

  • Lowest cost in the industry: same price/bp regardless of fragment length
  • No minimum order size: order as few or as many genes as you need
  • Fast delivery time: Made in the USA (powered by Twist) for industry-leading turnaround time
  • High accuracy: less screening ensures improved experimental success
  • Experienced customer and technical support to provide you with highest quality results
  • Flexible downstream services including Q-Gene DNA cloning and plasmid prep

Applications for Gene Fragments

  • Gene construction and modification for protein and antibody expression
  • qPCR and SNP detection
  • Development of CRISPR constructs for targeted gene editing
  • DNA cloning for synthetic biology applications

Compatible cloning methods

  • Restriction enzyme cloning
  • Gateway® cloning
  • Golden Gate Cloning
  • TOPO™ Cloning