Low-cost, Time-efficient
COVID-19 Variant Sequencing

Sanger for RBD, NGS for whole genome

  • RBD sequencing (covers amino acid 300-660 of spike protein) in 48 hours
  • whole genome in 5-7 days
  • free local pickup

Features of SARS-COV-2 Amplicon Panels

  • 345 pairs of overlapping oligos to ensure discovery of known/unknown strains
  • Cover 29,828 of 29,903 total bases
  • High sensitivity from viral titers as low as 10-100 viral copies
  • Flexible throughput from a few to thousands samples


Acceptable Specimens

  • Purified RNA with SARS-CoV-2 qPCR ct value ≤ 28, minimum 20 ul
  • NP/AN swabs in VTM/UTM or MP+ RNA preservation solution (extra fee for RNA extraction and qPCR confirmation), minimum 600 ul

Storage and Shipping Conditions

  • Purified RNA: overnight on dry ice shippment
  • NP/AN swabs in VTM/UTM: overnight shipping with cold pack
  • NP/AN swabs in MP+ RNA preservation solution: room temperature storage and shipment

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Major Lineage First Detected Spike Protein Key Mutations** Variant Classification
B.1.1.7 United Kingdom ΔP69/V70 , Y144/145, (E484K*, S494P*), N501Y*, A570D*, D614G*, P681H Variant of Concern
B.1.351 South Africa N501Y*, K417N*, E484K*, D614G* Variant of Concern
P.1 Japan/Brazil K417N/T*, E484K*, N501Y*, D614G* Variant of Concern
B.1.427 US-California L452R*, D614G* Variant of Concern
B.1.429 US-California S13I, W152C, L452R*, D614G* Variant of Concern
B.1.526 New York (L5F), T95I, D253G, (S477N*), (E484K*), D614G, (A701V) Variant of Interest
B.1.525 New York A67V, Δ69/70, Δ144, E484K*, D614G*, Q677H, F888L Variant of Interest
P.2 Brazil E484K*, D614G*, V1176F Variant of Interest

*mutations to be detected by the Sanger RBD assay
Variant informations are from CDC website

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