Quintara Biosciences

Amplicon Sequencing

We provide fast and flexible amplicon sequencing that allows for a wide range of experimental design. Based on the scope of investigation, we help the customer to design the sequencing with the specific amplicon parameters, such as the length of amplicons, the number of variation sites and the variant ratio comparing with the wild-type.


We start the amplification using samples of genomic DNA, or we can extract the DNA from various sample species. Followed by the high fidelity PCR amplification from the input templates, the amplicons are quantified and purified respectively. DNA Sanger sequencing will then be performed followed by data analysis. Variation/SNP will be detected and a detailed report will be provided based on the genetic parameters provided by the customer.

Sample Requirement

The quality and quantity of the DNA samples are critical to the success of this procedure. Any contamination in the starting material will compromise the results. For genomic DNA samples, we start with 20 ng of DNA for each amplicon amplification. When multiple loci is to be sequenced, the multiple factor is needed to be considered for the startup sample amount (eg. 200 ng of genomic DNA per sample if 10 amplicons are going to be sequenced).

DNA sample quality requirement:

  • No cross contamination
  • A260/280 ≥ 1.8
  • Concentration should be ≥ 5 ng/μl
  • DNA in TE or dH2O