Quintara Biosciences

Ab Sequencing

Quintara Bio offers a fast and reliable antibody cDNA sequencing service using samples of antibody generating mammalian cells with DNA Sanger sequencing method. The extensive experience of scientists in molecular biology and immunology and high quality and cost effective service will be tailored for your specific needs, in knowing the sequences of variable CDR, constant region, leader signal or full length of antibodies. We can help to verify if the hybridoma clones are truly monoclonal, or determine the proportion of each species in your polyclonal clones. We handle various isotypes and different animal sources (mouse, rat, rabbit, hamster, goat, etc.)

We also provide a wide range of assays to monitor the characteristics of antibodies. The assay services include functional measurement of kinetic measurement on the binding of antibodies to antigens, ELISAand FACS analyses, ADCC and CDC activities, and the measurement of endotoxin. Meanwhile, custom reporter gene assays, including luciferase and GFP, can be established to enable a multitude of applications, including the assessment of signal transduction pathways.

Service TurnaroundPrice
Variable Domains Sequencing4 days $1,000
Constant Domains Sequencing4 days $1,000
Leader Sequencing 4 days $1,000
Full Length Sequencing 10 days $1,800
Sequence Cloning 2 days $300

Sample Submission

We take pellets of snap frozen cells (1x107 cells) expressing your antibody

  • EBV transformed B-cell line
  • IgG expressing CHO or HEK 293 cell line
  • Selected Ab producing hybridoma cell line
  • Please ship the frozen cell lines with dry ice to us with order form enclosed.

Additional Services

Purification of custom polyclonal antibodies

  • Antigen Specific Affinity Purification
  • Monospecific Affinity Purification
  • Protein A/G Purification

Antibody Labeling

  • Biotin
  • HRP (peroxidase)
  • AP (alk-phos)
  • Fluors (e.g. 488, 550, 650)
  • FITC
  • Rhodamine
  • Streptavidin
  • Agarose


IHC and IF Characterization

Antibodies will be tested against researcher-supplied tissues or cell lines under standard tissue preparatory conditions for FFPE (formulin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) samples for tissues or frozen sections for IF

Western Blot Characterization

Antibodies will be tested against researcher-supplied tissues or cell lines under standard preparatory conditions

Data Analysis

Plasmid containing V-regions and other regions will be analyzed by experienced scientists, sequence alignments of the heavy and light chains will also be provided is applicable.

Standardized sequencing report will be sent to the client and the client retains all rights to the sequence data and related intellectual property. The report includes the sequence data and alignments of the heavy and light chains.

Custom Assays

ELISA to select mice/rats for fusion and screening ELISA for hybridoma

Ready for fusion and ELISA screening of the resulting hybridoma cells, this service determines the best cell lines to move forward with full characterization and subcloning. ELISA results will be provided after each test bleed, in order to track the progression of the immune response to antigens. This data in conjunction with end application testing (e.g. IHC, FACS, etc.) against native protein is considered to complete the screening and select final clones for immortalization.

Titration ELISA for Test-bleeds

Test-bleeds of each mouse (or rat) are tested using the standard titration ELISA assay. ELISA titers and IgG-vs-IgM isotyping are determined by screening each sample in two sets of replicates: one set with an anti-IgG secondary antibody and one set with an anti-IgM secondary antibody.

Once hybridoma supernatants are obtained, they are will be screened by single-point dilution ELISA to measure the antigen specific reactivity. IgG and IgM secondary antibodies will be used to for selection of IgG hybridoma cells.


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  • Call our sales team at 877-835-4464 for any additional questions.