Quintara Biosciences

Q-Max SeqTM

Quantity Product Catalog# Unit Size Price
Q-Max SeqTM DNA sequencing kit 1700030 Q-Max SeqTM DNA sequencing kit, 96 Sequencing Reactions, $4/each 384.00

The Q-Max SeqTM DNA sequencing service is the most convenient and cost-effective DNA sequencing service for our customers with either large or small numbers of samples. By ordering 1 or multiple 96 sequencing reactions, you could use the sequencing service at once or as many times as you want, with the same bulk order rate, even for a single reaction.

We keep tracking of your order quantity and keep record of the leftover reaction numbers in your account. You may refill the order at any time if you need to sequence more samples.

  • 96 reactions each order
  • Flexible quantity of sample submission any time afterward
  • Automatic leftover reactions management
  • Refill order with one click
  • save time and cost

3 Easy Steps

  • Order online
  • Samples will be picked the same day
  • Data will be available the next day


  • Flexible quantity of your samples
  • Guaranteed discounted price
  • Paperless sample submission
  • No expiring date