Quintara Biosciences

Our Promise

Quintara Biosciences provides various services and reagents to the life science research community. Our services include DNA Sanger sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular cloning, NGS, Ab sequencing and plasmid maxiprep.

Our mission: deliver innovative and high-quality products and services to researchers in academia and industry. To accomplish that mission, we use state-of-the-art technology and manage our workflow rigorously. Quintara is the nation’s first 24/7 DNA sequencing provider.

We will do everything possible to support your discovery research. Please choose Quintara as your partner.

Sample Pickup Schedule

Please contact your local representative to find out QuintaraBio's sample pickup times and locations.

San Francisco Bay Area
 1-415-738-2509 (toll free)

Boston Area

Houston Area

Colorado Area
 Boulder and Fort Collins


D.C. Area