Quintara Biosciences

The Quintara Story

Quintara’s first office was a small room next to a laundry mat in Albany. We started with two sequencing machines and two employees. I participated in each step of the operation, from picking up samples to emailing data.

Quintara is now headquartered in South San Francisco, the center of the Bay Area’s life science community. We have branches in Albany, Fort Collins, Boston, Changchun and Wuhan in China.

We now operate more than 20 state-of-the-art sequencing instruments and automatic sample processors. 30 scientists and technicians work at Quintara. Our growth is based on the goal I had 10 years ago: provide the best gene sequencing service to the life science community.

Researchers depend on accurate DNA data. Sequencing results could change the direction of a project. That’s why we implement both pre-sequencing and post-sequencing quality control. If your sample has difficulty sequencing, we will resolve it.

Time is valuable. That’s why we structure our operation to deliver the fastest turnaround. We can pickup your samples at the end of your workday and deliver the results to you by next morning. We’re also open on weekends and can pickup samples three times per day in the whole Bay Area.

Our goal is to provide the best service for you. This goal has guided us for one decade and will continue to guide us. I welcome you to choose Quintara as your research partner. Thank you!

Best regards,

Richard Shan, Ph.D
Founder and CEO, Quintara Biosciences

Quintara Holiday Schedule 2018

        * 2018-05-28, Mon., Memorial Day

        * 2018-07-04, Wed., Independence Day

        * 2018-09-03, Mon., Labor Day

        * 2018-11-22, Thurs., Thanksgiving Day

        * 2018-12-24, Mon., Christmas Eve

        * 2018-12-25, Tues., Christmas Day

        * 2018-12-31, Mon., New Year's Eve

        * 2019-01-01, Tues., New Year's Day


"I will have some reactions for today. BTW, if you ever need a reference for the quality of your work for any prospective new customers, feel free to contact me."

--Marvin, Stanford University

"The samples look great, and I appreciate your work. Your business has my vote..."

--Kevin, University of Colorado Boulder

"Thanks! I appreciate the excellent customer service."

--Dana, UCSF

"You guys are great! Thanks!"

--Alex, Stanford University

"Thanks for all the effort put in! "

--Kathy K., Stemcentrx

"Tell your boss you deserve a raise because a satisfied customer said so! Thanks again!!"

--Chao-Yang P., California Department of Public Health

"However, it was listed, it worked out, y'all sent me the data as normal! So thanks for the help."

--Cameron L., Stanford

"Thank you for your help!"

--Ellen E., Intrexon

"The sequence quality is very good. I also like the sequence summary sent by E-mail."

--Juan Z., Stemcentrix

"You're always so helpful!"

--Deviyani R., National Jewish Health

"I am delighted that you take the initiative to examine sequence quality and the mail pickup in the office saves me the cost of FedEx every time I need some sequencing."

--Jeffry M., University of Colorado