Quintara Biosciences

DNA Sequencing

Quintara Bio provides the highest quality DNA sequencing services, tailored to meet your research needs. Learn More

NGS Services

We provide reliable and fast NGS services for whole genome, exome, transcriptome (RNA) and specific panel sequencing. Learn More

Ab Sequencing

Quintara Bio offers a fast and reliable antibody cDNA sequencing. Learn More

Amplicon Sequencing

We offer flexible amplicon sequencing with a fast turnaround time, which allows a wide range of experimental design. Learn More

Plasmid Maxiprep

Quintara Bio provides large scale transfection grade plasmid DNA, in various quantity packages within 2-3 days. Learn More

Molecular Cloning

We provide fast and affordable molecular cloning services, receive 2 ug of final plasmid. Learn More